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The Ghana Anaesthetists Society (GAS) is the umbrella organization for all physician (doctor) anaesthetists (Anaesthesiologists) in Ghana. Anaesthesiologists are pioneers in teamwork and patient safety, and are experts in anaesthesia and perioperative care, resuscitation, intensive care medicine and pain management. GAS has been in existence since June 1996 and has been keenly involved in setting the standards of practice of anaesthesia in the country, formulating policies with regards to anaesthesia and the training & supervision of anaesthesiologists.


Equal access to safe anaesthesia in Ghana.

Mission and Values

To unite all anaesthesiologists nationally to provide a concerted effort in developing anaesthesia and perioperative medicine in the country, thereby ensuring equal access to safe anaesthesia nationally and ultimately improving the patient’s anaesthesia experience.

Customer satisfaction and safety summarize our core values, underpinning all the activities of the society. The society has four (4) main values:
1.The Anaesthesiologist is responsible for the clients expressed and unexpressed needs at all times.
2.The Anaesthesiologists must always be safe and put safety above all other things.
3.The Anaesthesiologist is a self-respecting professional, exhibiting the highest level of professionalism in appearance, communication and behaviour.
4.The Anaesthesiologist is innovative, creative and versatile, always thinking outside the box to ensure the client’s best interest all the time

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